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Video Breakdown (derzei 13.12.16 Preview)   .

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Video Breakdown extracts to the cognitive video index linguistic transcript and OCR, detects tracks and identifies Faces and Speakers, extracts keywords and topics, analyzes sentiment, classifies voice activity and more.
Based on the cognitive video index, Video Breakdown users can search, explore, understand, edit and play videos and playlists in a powerful, simple, cognitively intelligent manner.

  • Scenarios available for video breakdown registered users include:
  • Search cognitive insights found within all the videos stored in the gallery
  • Explore and search cognitive insights within a specific video over a cognitive timeline, auto synced with the video during play
  • Select, Edit and stitching of video segments: create your own cut or compilation of any video in the gallery
  • Republish video segments while fully respecting the owner’s content rights and ensuring an adequate level of privacy
  • See the cognitive insights summary of a video played and use insights as navigation controls
  • Social share and like of specific video segments
  • Find videos with similar people and topics related to the video played
  • Secured streaming of videos to any device, over different privacy levels
  • Social signup using existing Facebook, Google and MSA accounts
  • Drag and drop upload with fast turnover
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